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[bug#42317] [PATCH] doc: cookbook: Adding a section "Running Guix on a L

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: [bug#42317] [PATCH] doc: cookbook: Adding a section "Running Guix on a Linode Server
Date: Mon, 07 Sep 2020 15:59:11 +0200
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Hi Joshua,

Thanks for following up on this!  Minor comments:

Joshua Branson <> skribis:

> +@node Running Guix on a Linode Server
> +@section Running Guix on a Linode Server
> +@cindex linode
> +
> +Start with a recommended Debian server.  We recommend using the default
I’d start the sentence with something like “To run Guix on a server
hosted by @uref{, Linode}, start with a …”.
(That makes it clear what we’re talking about, what Linode is, etc.)

> +distro as a way to bootstrap Guix. Create your @code{SSH} keys.


> +Be sure to add your @code{SSH key} for easy login to the remote server.


> +Power the @code {Linode} down. In the @code{Linode's}

I realize I wasn’t clear: @code is for code snippets.  When referring to
Linode (the service/company) or SSH (the protocol), just write it as is,
without @code.

You would use @code for a command (like @code{rm -rf /foo}) and @file
for a file name (like @file{/dev/sdc}).  Text enclosed in @code or @file
is rendered with a fixed-width font and possibly a different background

> +"..." and select "Edit", then on that menu add to /dev/sdc the "Guix"
@file here.

> +root@@<your-server-ip-here>}. (You can find your server ip address in

And s/ip/IP/.

Let me know if you can take care of those last (I promise!) changes.

Thank you!


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