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[bug#43219] [PATCH] gnu: Handle nfs-root device strings.

From: Stefan
Subject: [bug#43219] [PATCH] gnu: Handle nfs-root device strings.
Date: Mon, 7 Sep 2020 20:44:33 +0200

Hi Danny!

> However, the grub.cfg is loaded via TFTP as well, so root must be preset to 
> ‘(tftp)’ or even ‘(http)’ due to DHCP options. So omitting the search command 
> could be enough and even allow the use of HTTP.
> It could also be possible to keep the ‘search —file’ command, if it does not 
> produce an error.
> I’ll check that. 

I think we should use that change.

+        ((? (lambda (device)
+              (and (string? device) (string-contains device ":/"))) nfs-uri)
+         "set root=(tftp)")

The point is the following: It is possible that GRUB got loaded from a local 
storage and that the current system is also on a local storage. Then the root 
variable is set to some ‘(hd0,1)’ or similar.

If you then select to boot an older system generation or a custom menu entry, 
which is using TFTP and NFS, then the root variable has to be changed to 



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