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[bug#41011] [PATCH] gnu: grub: Support for network boot via tftp/nfs.

From: Stefan
Subject: [bug#41011] [PATCH] gnu: grub: Support for network boot via tftp/nfs.
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 2020 00:59:38 +0200

Hi Danny!

> In this case, the man page grub-mknetdir(8) mentions "netboot" ?
> Do you think "net" or "netboot" is a better name for this functionality ?

At <> there is only a 
single hit for ‘netboot’ which is in “To generate a netbootable directory, 

All GRUB variables and commands have the prefix ‘net_’.

But I agree, grub-netboot seems to be a more describing name.

In the end this is a grub-efi for booting over network. Would grub-efi-netboot 
be an even better name? It will not work with BIOS machines.

> Let's not use arcane Scheme anachronisms like "car".  I know most Scheme
> programmers probably know what it does--but still, better not to use
> names of registers of a machine no one uses anymore.
> Better something like this:
> (let* ((system-parts (string-split (or (%current-target-system)
>                                       (%current-system))
>                            #\-)))

I only need the first list element here. I will use (first …).

>> +         (efi-bootloader-link (string-append "/boot"
>> +                                             (match arch
>> +                                               ("i686" "ia32")
>> +                                               ("x86_64" "x64")
>> +                                               ("arm" "arm")
>> +                                               ("armhf" "arm")
>> +                                               ("aarch64" "aa64")
>> +                                               ("riscv" "riscv32")
>> +                                               ("riscv64" "riscv64"))
>> +                                             ".efi"))
> Also, I have a slight preference for greppable file names even when it's a
> little more redundant, so more like that:
> (match system-parts
> (("i686" _ ...) "ia32.efi")
> (("x86_64" _ ...) "x64.efi")
> (("arm" _ ...) "arm.efi")
> (("armhf" _ ...) "arm.efi")
> (("aarch64" _ ...) "aa64.efi")
> (("riscv" _ ...) "riscv32.efi")
> (("riscv64" _ ...) "riscv64.efi"))

I’m not familiar with the match syntax yet. For me using the first element as 
arch seems simpler.

>> +         (efi-bootloader (string-append (match arch
>> +                                          ("i686" "i386")
>> +                                          ("x86_64" "x86_64")
>> +                                          ("arm" "arm")
>> +                                          ("armhf" "arm")
>> +                                          ("aarch64" "arm64")
>> +                                          ("riscv" "riscv32")
>> +                                          ("riscv64" "riscv64"))
>> +                                        "-efi/core.efi")))
> Likewise:
>         (efi-bootloader (match system-parts
>                          (("i686" _ ...) "i386-efi/core.efi")
>                          (("x86_64" _ ...) "x86_64-efi/core.efi")
>                          (("arm" _ ...) "arm-efi/core.efi")
>                          (("armhf" _ ...) "arm-efi/core.efi")
>                          (("aarch64" _ ...) "arm64-efi/core.efi")
>                          (("riscv" _ ...) "riscv32-efi/core.efi")
>                          (("riscv64" _ ...) "riscv64-efi/core.efi"))))

I’d prefer to keep the still grepable “/core.efi” separate.

>> +    #~(lambda (bootloader target mount-point)
>> +        "Install GRUB as e.g. \"bootx64.efi\" or \"bootarm64.efi\" \"into
>> +SUBDIR, which is usually \"efi/boot\" or \"efi/Guix\" below the directory 
>> +for the system whose root is mounted at MOUNT-POINT."
> I think you mean:
>> +        "Install GRUB as e.g. \"bootx64.efi\" or \"bootarm64.efi\" \"into
>> +SUBDIR (which is usually \"efi/boot\" or \"efi/Guix\") below the directory 
>> +for the system whose root is mounted at MOUNT-POINT."


>> +        (let* (;; Use target-depth and subdir-depth to construct links to
>> +               ;; "../gnu" and "../../../boot/grub/grub.cfg" with the 
>> correct
>> +               ;; number of "../". Note: This doesn't consider ".." or ".",
>> +               ;; which may appear inside target or subdir.
> Uhhhh... that could use some more explanationary comments in the source code
> of why it is done in the first place.

I’ll put an explanation into the doc-string. This is because the grub.cfg and 
the store both need to be accessible to GRUB via TFTP, but the TFTP root is 
TARGET, which is usually /boot.

> Also, is TARGET itself assumed to be an absolute path or is it relative to
> something else ?  According to the rest of the patch it's relative to
> MOUNT-POINT--but please state this explicitly in the docstring.

TARGET is the (operating-system (boot-loader (target "/boot") …) …). I think 
this has to be an absolute path, but I didn’t find any checks for this. But the 
manual doesn’t mention this, just all examples are using absolute paths.

And yes, when using ‘guix system init /etc/config.scm /mnt/here’, then 
MOUNT-POINT and TARGET are concatenated. But this is nothing specific to the 
new installer, this is the usual behaviour of Guix and the reason for the two 
parameters TARGET and MOUNT-POINT to any bootloader installer. I don’t think 
stating this inside the new doc-string is the right place.

>> +               (target-depth (length (delete "" (string-split target #\/))))
>> +               (subdir-depth (length (delete "" (string-split #$subdir 
>> #\/))))
>> +               (up1 (string-join (make-list target-depth "..") "/" 'suffix))
> Maybe better name: escape-target or something.
>> +               (up2 (string-join (make-list subdir-depth "..") "/" 'suffix))
> Maybe better name: escape-subdir or something.
> So this is in order to get out of (string-append TARGET "/" SUBDIR), correct?

Yes, correct. I’ll rework this with the (symlink-relative) function you 

> Does the (string-append TARGET "/" SUBDIR) have an official name ?
> If not, fine.

No. The TARGET becomes the TFTP root for GRUB, the SUBDIR becomes the ‘prefix’ 
variable for GRUB.

>> +               (net-dir (string-append mount-point target "/"))
> So TARGET is relative to MOUNT-POINT ?
> And MOUNT-POINT is assumed to have a slash at the end ?

MOUNT-POINT is either ‘/’ or depends on the argument to ‘guix system init’. On 
the other side TARGET has to be an absolute path, so it should be safe. At 
least (install-grub-efi) makes the same mistake. What do you think?

>> +               (store-name (car (delete "" (string-split bootloader #\/))))
> Maybe use match.

I’ll use (first …).

> Also isn't there an official way to find out how the store is called ?
> (%store-prefix) ?

I only need the first path element to the store, which is usually /gnu. The 
%store-prefix contains /gnu/store then. So it makes no difference.

>> +               (store (string-append up1 store-name))
> (string-append escape-target store-name)
>> +               (store-link (string-append net-dir store-name))
> *mumbles to self* (string-append MOUNT-POINT TARGET) is net-dir.
> So it tries to get to (string-append MOUNT-POINT "/gnu").

The trouble is that GRUB shall load a file like /gnu/store/…-linux…/Image via 
TFTP, but the TFTP root is actually Guix’ final /boot folder.

In the end this creates a relative symlink as ../gnu pointing from 
/mnt/here/boot/gnu to /mnt/here/gnu.

And GRUB’s “working directory” to search for its modules and the grub.cfg is 
defined by its ‘prefix’ variable, which is set through the SUBDIR argument, 
which defaults to Guix’ final /boot/efi/Guix.

This requires a relative symlink as ../../../boot/grub/grub.cfg pointing from 
/mnt/here/boot/efi/Guix/grub.cfg to /mnt/here/boot/grub/grub.cfg.

And be aware that TARGET may be /boot, but could be something else like 
/tftp-root. Then the symlink would point from 
/mnt/here/tftp-root/efi/Guix/grub.cfg to /mnt/here/boot/grub/grub.cfg, as the 
later is kind of hard-coded.

>> ;;; Bootloader definitions.
>> ;;;
>> +;;; For all these grub-bootloader variables the path to /boot/grub/grub.cfg
>> +;;; is fixed.  Inheriting and overwriting the field 'configuration-file' 
>> will
>> +;;; break 'guix system delete-generations', 'guix system switch-generation',
>> +;;; and 'guix system roll-back'.
> I've added that comment to the source code in an extra commit
> 3f2bd9df410e85795ec656052f44d2cddec2a060 in guix master.
> Thank you very much for it.
>> -(define* grub-minimal-bootloader
>> +(define grub-minimal-bootloader
>>   (bootloader
>> -(define* grub-efi-bootloader
>> +(define grub-efi-bootloader
>>   (bootloader
>> -(define* grub-mkrescue-bootloader
>> +(define grub-mkrescue-bootloader
> I've applied this hunk to guix master as commit
> 8664c35d6d7fd6e9ce1ca8adefa8070a8e556db4.
> Thanks.




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