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[bug#43208] [PATCH] gnu: emacs-ess: Update to 20.09.

From: Tim Howes
Subject: [bug#43208] [PATCH] gnu: emacs-ess: Update to 20.09.
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 2020 12:22:08 -0700
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BTW, when trying to build the package, I get the following failure:

      INFO     Scraping files for ess-autoloads.el...
    .../lisp/ess-autoloads.el locked by nixbld@localh... (pid 103): (s, q, p, 
    Cannot resolve lock conflict in batch mode
    make[1]: *** [Makefile:62: ess-autoloads.el] Error 255

Can you build the package successfully?

It builds successfully sometimes, but fails sporadically due to this file locking issue. It seems like, the way the Makefile is set up, it's trying to build the ess-autoloads target multiple times in parallel, which is causing it to fail if two processes are trying to write to the file at the same time. I'll take a look later to see if I can prevent the problem.


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