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[bug#42885] [PATCH 2/4] gnu: Add mathjax-bin (MathJax 3).

From: Arun Isaac
Subject: [bug#42885] [PATCH 2/4] gnu: Add mathjax-bin (MathJax 3).
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2020 01:18:31 +0530

>> I am packaging swc for Guix. I'm running into some unstable feature
>> issues with Rust, but otherwise things are going well. I will report on
>> further progress by tonight.
> Oh, me too.

Oops, hopefully we haven't duplicated too much work.

Packaging rust programs is a much deeper rabbit hole than I imagined!
But, I'm making progress, and will hopefully be done given some more
time. Will keep you posted.

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