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[bug#43347] [PATCH] services: dovecot: Do not require dovecot to be glob

From: Tobias Geerinckx-Rice
Subject: [bug#43347] [PATCH] services: dovecot: Do not require dovecot to be globally installed.
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2020 23:33:31 +0200


Thank you very much for the bug report.

On 2020-09-11 21:40, Pierre Langlois wrote:
I noticed recently my little dovecot mailserver failed to boot, I
tracked it down to our service installing a symlink as:

  /etc/dovecot/modules -> /run/current-system/profile/lib/dovecot

However, I didn't have the dovecot package globally installed, the
service does not install it AFAICT.

Sorry, this is my fault. I've been slowly merging some Dovecot improvements[0] into master.

While I'm happily replying from the latest Dovecot service, I run it in an... idiosyncratic manner that had me write some glue code to test these patches. I didn't realize that said glue was doing more work than I, er, realized. Too much.

We could extend the service to install dovecot into the global profile,
however instead we can just symlink /etc/dovecot/modules to the dovecot
package in the store directly.

Nack. That just reverts to last week's monolithic Dovecot service that doesn't support modules, but now with pointless indirection via /etc. Nor should the service add anything to the system profile, or expect the user to do so.

The fix is to add a ‘modules’ field to the service configuration that, exactly like CUPS's ‘extensions’ field, adds module packages like dovecot-pigeonhole to the union directory that /etc/dovecot/modules points to.

Kind regards,


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