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[bug#38403] [PATCH] gnu: Add intel-vaapi-driver-g45-h264.

From: Jelle Licht
Subject: [bug#38403] [PATCH] gnu: Add intel-vaapi-driver-g45-h264.
Date: Sat, 12 Sep 2020 13:20:23 +0200

Vincent Legoll <> writes:

> On 13/04/2020 22:01, Jelle Licht wrote:
>> I have it on my agenda for early May to backport the latest
>> intel-vaapi-driver changes to the g45-h264 branch and subsequently push
>> it to Guix.
> Just ping me when needed

Some changes made in linux kernel 5.X made it harder to get this to work
reliably. Since getting this to work allows me to watch videos on my
laptop without melting my pants off, I'm still very much motivated to
get it to work in the long run ;-).

I been made aware that the 5.x series of kernels have seen a lot of
regressions (and improvements, probably) for intel-drm related code
paths; my hope is that this still somehow stabilizes in the coming

For now, it seems to work on linux kernel 4.19.143. See [1] for the
maintainer of the AUR package that I based my work on.

Is there some way to 'park' this debbugs issue? As in, keep it open, but
rather as a reminder to revisit this issue in the future?



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