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bug#43459: [PATCH] gnu: guile-wisp: Update to 1.0.3

From: Ricardo Wurmus
Subject: bug#43459: [PATCH] gnu: guile-wisp: Update to 1.0.3
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2020 13:47:39 +0200
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Hi Arne,

> From 06ca3245ff88bc51c0c7f929b02d0c9e22dc800d Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
>     * gnu/packages/guile-xyz.scm (guile-wisp): Update to 1.0.3
>     [source]: Access via hg and change from bitbucket to
>     [phases] call autoreconf before 'configure,
>     [phases] remove Guile 3 patch because Guile 3 is supported in 1.0.3
>     [native-inputs]: add autoconf and automake

I modified the commit message to better match our conventions and
replaced the existing 'bootstrap phase instead of adding a new phase
before 'configure (the effect is the same).

Pushed it to the “master” branch with commit 8b030edf02.

Thank you!


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