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[bug#43425] [PATCH] gnu: openblas: Update to 0.3.10.

From: Mathieu Othacehe
Subject: [bug#43425] [PATCH] gnu: openblas: Update to 0.3.10.
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 2020 16:36:48 +0200
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> I was aware of the dependent-count triage but not fully understanding this 
> process. When are commits made to staging (last commit was the merge 13 days 
> ago) and/or core-updates (one
> commit since merge 4 days ago)? I see you were able to revert this commit to 
> quiet the rebuilds, does this patch now go into core-updates or is it queued 
> somewhere else? Is there a
> preferred time window for submitting highly-dependent revisions? I'm not 
> seeing 'staging' or 'core-updates' annotations among the git logs.

We have some time frames when "staging" and "core-updates" are
open. Then, those branches are stabilized before being merged to
"master". There's no specific schedule, but usually stabilization of
those branches is advertised on the mailing list.

Right now, I think that the window is open. I rebased your openblas
patch, as well as python, llvm, boost and zstd patches on top of
core-updates. It will take me a while to build those packages, but I'll
keep you informed.

> How often is the documentation regenerated? I see the limits changed
> in the repo in June but the website has not been refreshed.

I thought it was every hour, but the mechanism may be broken.

> Is there a threshold for marking oneself in the copyright header? Such as, a 
> simple version and checksum revision is not copyrightable but further changes 
> must be marked?

I always forget if a copyright addition is required for a simple
update. We should definitely add this information to the "Submitting
Patches" section.



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