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[bug#42885] Merge wip-swc

From: Arun Isaac
Subject: [bug#42885] Merge wip-swc
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 2020 00:14:30 +0530

> Thank you very much.


> I'm kind of worried how long it will take to get that build system. Even 
> if we have it, will it really succeed at building MathJax so easily? If 
> it's going to take a while, I'm tempted to just update Calibre without 
> mathjax support. In theory I'm willing to do work to help but it all 
> seems rather advanced for me, so i'm glad to see you make progress. 
> What's the next step?

True, I have similar concerns too. The next step, like Ricardo said, is
to write a simple rust script that uses rust-swc to compile typescript
to javascript. I am unfamiliar with both rust and typescript. So, if I
am to do it, I would need some time. If someone else volunteers to do
it, that would be great.

> Calibre 5+ is out now which is on python3. I could even create a 
> calibre-next so that both calibre@4.18.0 exists and calibre will be 
> calibre@5.0.1, utilizing Guix's design.

I think we shouldn't let the typescript build system and mathjax block
calibre. If I understand correctly, calibre depends on mathjax only
optionally. So, you should go ahead with your work on calibre regardless
of what happens with mathjax.

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