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[bug#44022] [PATCH] website: Add conference announcement.

From: Tobias Geerinckx-Rice
Subject: [bug#44022] [PATCH] website: Add conference announcement.
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2020 14:39:33 +0200

Julien, Zimoun,

Thank you both!

first online Guix Day
will be held online.

Right.  ‘Entirely online’ if for emphasis?

(Missing double-space BTW.)

whether we would like to have your talk be part of the Guix Day.

‘whether your talk will be part of the Guix Day’, unless this is deliberately hedged? Then it sounds a little clumsy, but I guess that's OK.

what you feel important

‘what you feel is important’

birds of a feather (BoF) sessions

I know this is well-known conference-goer slang, but I had to look it up. Even knowing what it stands for isn't enough to know what it means. Is there a short synonym?

lightning round talks

= lightning talks?

a peertube instance, a nextcloud instance

‘PeerTube’; ‘Nextcloud’.


Now you're just trolling my neuroses.  ;[-])

zimoun 写道:
*slug=limace?  Slang I miss?

Old printer's slang appropriated for the digital age:

Kind regards,


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