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[bug#44130] [PATCH] Add a recursive version of mkdir-p

From: divoplade
Subject: [bug#44130] [PATCH] Add a recursive version of mkdir-p
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2020 01:29:48 +0200
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Dear guix,

I need this mkdir-p function in any non-trivial program I write. I had
3 bad choices:

1. Lobby guile to provide this function out of the box (this will take
2. Copy that of guix, or gash, or any other: this does not seem
acceptable to me, because this function will surely evolve (for
instance, if guile gets suport for mingw and we start running guile
programs on windows) and I don't want to update more than one version
of this function;
3. Depend on guix, gash or another package: this would be too large a
dependency for my programs.

So I wrote it in its own package and I intend to depend on it for my
other projects. It would be best if you could accept this package in
guix proper.

What do you think?

Best regards,


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