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[bug#44174] [PATCH 00/16] Add hledger and its dependencies.

From: Christopher Baines
Subject: [bug#44174] [PATCH 00/16] Add hledger and its dependencies.
Date: Sat, 24 Oct 2020 22:26:43 +0100
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Carlo Holl <> writes:

> Guix,
> This patch series adds hledger, a plaintext accounting
> program. hledger started as a Haskell reimplementation of Ledger
> CLI. I use hledger regularly to manage personal finances and those of
> several businesses, and would not be suprised to find other hledger
> users in the Guix community.
> More information is available at

Hi Carlo, thanks for the patches!

> A couple of notes:
>     1. The hledger package is placed in (gnu packages finance), and
>     its dependencies in (gnu packages haskell-xyz).

That sounds good :)

>     2. The hledger package is *not* prefixed with 'ghc', but its
>     dependencies are.

Also fine.

>     3. The package ghc-doctest was bumped (minor version), affecting several 
> dependent packages.
>         I was able to build most of these affected packages (querying guix 
> refresh --list-dependents),
>         but it was taking forever so I cut that effort short. I consider this 
> a rough heuristic to determine
>         that there are no substantial changes associated with this
>         version bump.

Sounds good.

>     4. I'm not terribly familiar with the Texinfo format, so there are
>     likely some rough edges there.

Looks like you've done pretty well from what I've seen :)

>     5. I am able to build hledger and its dependencies without error, but was 
> unsuccessful building
>         on different architectures with qemu. I wasn't even able to build GHC 
> under qemu so I didn't bother
>         digging any further.

No problem, if it builds on x86_64-linux, that's good enough at least

> This is my first contribution to Guix, and I'm also not a Haskell
> expert, so expect some headaches. I am happy to attend to any issues
> as best I am able.

Great, I'll make some more comments on the individual patches, a few
general comments though:

 - The commits should include changelog entries. For new packages, these
   are pretty easy to write, it's just:

* gnu/packages/FILE.scm (PACKAGE): New variable.

 - The indentation looks off in places, there's some stuff here about
   indentation [1]. What editor are you using?


Let me know if you have any questions, and it would be great if you
could send an updated set of patches.



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