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[bug#44207] [PATCH] doc: Document the postgresql-config-file.

From: Miguel Ángel Arruga Vivas
Subject: [bug#44207] [PATCH] doc: Document the postgresql-config-file.
Date: Sun, 25 Oct 2020 11:21:23 +0100
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Some comments inline.

Christopher Baines <> writes:
> +@deftp {Data Type} postgresql-config-file
> +Data type representing the PostgreSQL configuration file.  As shown in
> +the following example, this can be used to customise the configuration
> +of PostgreSQL.  Note that you can use any G-expression or filename in
> +place of this record, if you already have a configuration file you'd
> +like to use for example.

I'm pretty sure you should s/customise/customize/, as the manual is
written in US English.  Also, I'd move the last sentence to the hba-file
description as an example there, something like: "Filename or
G-expression for the host-based authentication configuration.  If you
already have a configuration file, you can use it here."

> +@item @var{log-destination} (default: @code{"syslog"})
> +@item @var{hba-file} (default: @code{%default-postgres-hba})
> +@item @var{ident-file} (default: @code{%default-postgres-ident})
> +@item @var{extra-config} (default: @code{'()})

These should be @code, not @var, because they represent symbols from the
configuration.  The typical use of @var is for arguments---e.g.
@code{(call-something @var{param1} @var{param2})}---, whose names
don't have a meaning outside the actual implementation, but these
identifiers are symbols included in the API.

Apart from that, LGTM. :-)

Happy hacking!

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