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[bug#44197] Disable khal test suite? (was Re: [bug#44197] [PATCH] gnu: k

From: Lars-Dominik Braun
Subject: [bug#44197] Disable khal test suite? (was Re: [bug#44197] [PATCH] gnu: khal: Update to 0.10.2.)
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2020 11:10:44 +0100

Hi Leo,

some more data points:

- works consistently inside a VM (Common KVM processor) with Ubuntu
  20.04 ā†’ not the kernel version/configuration or OS.
- whether it works or not does not change during the day ā†’ not time
- works consistently on a different laptop with i5-8250U and Gentoo ā†’
  not the processor

After looking at how test_birthdays_29feb fails, Iā€™m leaning towards the
possiblity of a bug in khal. So, I commented here:

> Are you using the same kernel versions on your two machines? I guess the
> kernel configs likely don't match between them.
No, previously the Ubuntu machine used 5.3 and now after upgrading to
20.04 version 5.4. The test suite is still failing there and still
succeeding on my desktop, which is using a custom kernel configuration
tailored to this particular machine (version 5.8 right now).


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