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[bug#44309] Further Cleanups

From: Prafulla Giri
Subject: [bug#44309] Further Cleanups
Date: Sun, 1 Nov 2020 10:29:36 +0545

 I am wondering if the python bindings should be separated into an output. gnucash:python perhaps. That is the route that the Ubuntu developers seem to have taken. `apt show python3-gnucash`. It would actually make even more sense with guix as one could use flatpak-installed gnucash for their daily usage, and then from their /usr/bin/python3 or $GUIX_PROFILE/bin/python3 they could use gnucash programmatically via the bindings.

However, I am not sure if it is possible to specify a search-path-specification for a particular output of a package. I don't know much about splitting packages into outputs either. If we had gnucash:python, and a user ran `guix install gnucash:python`, would that only get the user /gnu/store/...-gnucash-x.y-python from the substitute server and save them bandwidth?

If anybody is willing to give me some pointers as to how I could go about cleanly splitting gnucash into gnucash:python - with the native-search-path-specification for PYTHONPATH only being declared for gnucash:python (and that will be an absolute must), I am more than happy to clean this patch up.

Thank you.

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