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[bug#44625] [PATCH] gnu: Add b4.

From: zimoun
Subject: [bug#44625] [PATCH] gnu: Add b4.
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 2020 03:14:26 +0100

Hi Kyle,

I have not tried your patch, yet.  And I have questions about tooling,
maybe it is not the right place to do so.

On Fri, 13 Nov 2020 at 19:39, Kyle Meyer <> wrote:

>   b4 is focused on public-inbox archives, but it's useful for
>   any public-inbox [1] instance, including :).  Here's
>   an example with a recent multi-patch thread that involves multiple versions.

Look super useful.

>     $ # in the guix repo
>     $ git config b4.attestation-policy off
>     $ git config b4.midmask
>     $ b4 am
>   The end result is a filtered mbox with the v2 patches.  Also, because the
>   sender helpfully included the base commit, `b4 am' will use that information
>   in the instructions that it outputs.

You mean ’b4’ filters out the 2 Ludo’s messages when applying the 2
patches, right?

In this case, ’b4’ will also fetch the patches from, right?

If <> exposes (somewhere?) the Message-ID (as we have
discussed [1]), then one user could browse, copy the Message-ID that
they is interested and paste locally as you explain above; without the
need to subscribe or use Emacs-Debbugs.  Right?

BTW, I think that base commit should be strongly encouraged when
submitting patches.  See [2] :-)

1; <>

>   If the above sounds useful to you but you'd prefer to work in Emacs, you
>   might be interested in piem (<>), which
>   includes a transient (i.e magit-popup's successor) interface to b4.

I have not tried either.  Is it packaged for Guix?

Well, does b4 and piem works with worktree?

Currently, I am using Emacs and Notmuch.  I have subscribed to
guix-patches and when I try a patch, I do:

  | git gam the-branch-worktree

where ’gam’ is just ’-C ~/src/guix/wk/ am -3 --reject’.  And depending
on the thread structure, sometimes I have to go patch by patch.

Using b4+piem, then reading the message, I will do ’M-x piem-b4-am’ and
whatever the thread structure, the patches sent as “in-reply-to“ will be
applied.  Right?

(Aside messages including non inlined patches, if I read correctly the

All the best,

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