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[bug#42295] [PATCH] gnu: rust-1.44: Add rustfmt output.

From: John Soo
Subject: [bug#42295] [PATCH] gnu: rust-1.44: Add rustfmt output.
Date: Thu, 26 Nov 2020 08:51:21 -0800
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Hi Matthew,

Matthew Kraai <> writes:

>> Perhaps we should make anything that can be installed as a rustup
>> component an output (provided the source is in the rust tree). I think
>> rls can be added immediately in the same fashion.
> Is rls deprecated in favor of rust-analyzer?

Yes but I think it should be included until it is not supported at all

> According to, rustfmt was made a
> component in 1.24.0.  Would it be better to add this support to the
> rust-1.24 package instead?  I've attached the patch I'm currently testing.

Keep it on rust@1.44. Even though guix refresh --list-dependent will
report not many dependents, changing a current rust version would
trigger many rebuilds. There would be enough rebuilds to require it to
be applied to staging.

I've also attached a work in progress patch to add rls as an output,
too.  I would love if all the "extended" tools can be included. Some
tools like clippy and the rust-src component would be very helpful.

One other thing:

> +      (outputs '("out" "doc" "cargo" "rustfmt"))

should probably be: (cons "rustfmt" (package-outputs base-rust))

to be more resistant to changes to older packages.

Best regards,


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