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[bug#44882] Dependencies issues

From: Tomás Ortín Fernández
Subject: [bug#44882] Dependencies issues
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 2020 09:53:20 +0100


I have realized this patch isn't correct. I hadn't tested it on a clean 
environment before.
Solargraph requires Rubocop 0.52 (!). In fact, the current version of 
Solargraph doesn't currently work, either: there are version issues with 
Rubocop and with ruby-thor.

I need a more-or-less current Solargraph and Rubocop, that's why I have been 
updating some packages, but I realize now I wasn't doing it properly and that 
I'm getting tangled into a web of dependencies issues.

How should I proceed? Clearly Rubocop should be updated, but I don't know how 
to keep Solargraph working and how to figure out which packages will need to be 
updated or checked in case they need an older version of Rubocop.

I'm quite new to all of this, so sorry if I'm not doing things how I'm supposed 


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