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[bug#44926] [WIP] Add dart-2.8.4

From: Nicolò Balzarotti
Subject: [bug#44926] [WIP] Add dart-2.8.4
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 2020 22:02:56 +0100

Julien Lepiller <> writes:

> Le Sat, 28 Nov 2020 19:10:09 +0100,
> Nicolò Balzarotti <> a écrit :
>> Hi Guix!
>> As announced on guix-devel, I bootstrapped the dart compiler from
>> source.
>> Following patches add dart 2.8.4 (latest release is 2.10, but I wanted
>> to be sure that this work in progress is fine before continuing, as I
>> fear that 4 other steps are required).
>> NOTE: I tagged this as WIP as I've not yet disabled analytics yet (I
>> disabled it from the first added version, but I was wondering if I
>> need to disable it in _each_ version or if just the latest one is
>> fine. Patching all of them will require some time).
>> (Each build takes ~20min on my server and ~60min on my laptop, and
>> there's a dozen of them)
>> Let me know if there are major problems or if I can go on with
>> disabling analytics!
>> Thanks, Nicolò
> Impressive :)
> I can see a few issues in terms of style in these patches, but looking
> at the first dart version, it looks like it's going to work :)
> So, instead of using dart-zlib, dart-boringssl, ..., I'd recommend
> changing dart-pkg to something like this:
> (define* (dart-pkg name tag hash #:optional
>                    (url (string-append
>                           "";
>                           (string-replace-substring name "-" "_")
>                           ".git")))
>   (origin
>     (method git-fetch)
>     (uri (git-reference
>            (url url)
>            (commit tag)))
>     ...))

Sure, I'll do this

> That way, dart-zlib, ... also have a proper file name ;)
> I don't really like the fact that the build system simply bundles these
> dependencies instead of link dynamically to them, but I guess it's hard
> to do anything for that, and for bootstrap versions, I don't think it's
> too much of an issue.
Yeah I too don't like it, but I really never used (and don't like) the
gn build system, so any change requires a lot of time.  I know that we
usually unbundle things, and if required I might try again.

> You should also make sure to clean up your patches: for instance patch
> 8 modifies things you've added before (I think it's only because of
> whitespace, but that's not clean).

Ops, sorry!

> Thank you!

Thank you Julien!
I'll submit a v2 tomorrow.

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