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[bug#47539] [PATCH 00/28] Add gh and dependencies

From: Xinglu Chen
Subject: [bug#47539] [PATCH 00/28] Add gh and dependencies
Date: Thu, 01 Apr 2021 18:25:55 +0200

On Thu, Apr 01 2021, Xinglu Chen wrote:

>>> - When building'gh', I couldn't get
>>>   'go-github-com-charmbracelet-glamour' to build without moving some
>>>   native-inputs to propagated-inputs, though, if I was only building
>>>   'go-github-com-charmbracelet-glamour' it would build without moving
>>>   things to propagated-inputs.  I am not sure why this happens.
>> Perhaps you need to add those native inputs as native inputs to gh as
>> well?  Try adding its native inputs to gh and see whether that changes
>> something.
> I will try and report back.

Adding the packages as native-inputs for github-cli fixed the problem.
Thank you!

>>> - The patch marked with 'W' adds a package which is needed by 'gh',
>>>   but only used on Windows.  It is still Free Software (BSD-2), but I
>>>   have also marked it as hidden.
>> This is at least in some sense an acceptable workaround, but how large
>> would the effort be to outright drop references to this package, given
>> that it's already not "actively" being used?
> I am not familiar with the Go ecosystem so I don't know if this will be
> possible, but I will look into it.

Compiling github-cli without the package doesn't work, and the package
is used in multiple places in the source code.  I don't really know what
we can do here.  Should I open an issue on their GitHub page, or just
leave it as is?

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