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[bug#47282] [PATCH 00/13] node going forward

From: Timothy Sample
Subject: [bug#47282] [PATCH 00/13] node going forward
Date: Fri, 02 Apr 2021 21:19:46 -0400
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Jelle Licht <> writes:

> Timothy Sample <> writes:
>>     • Change the “Fix incorrect import semantics” comments to “Fix
>>       imports for esbuild”.  To me, if TypeScript’s tsc likes the
>>       imports, they are correct TypeScript (despite the esbuild bug
>>       report).
> "Something a native speaker of English can make sense of" != "Proper
> English", and in that same vein I don't think a commmon mistake with
> workaround in place is not a mistake.
> I really don't care about what ends up in the codebase though, as long
> as it is clear why we do what we do, which works out just fine with your
> comment.

Heh.  You’re right: it’s not a big deal.  Thanks for humouring me.  :)

>> The final result is still a little messy, but I don’t think we should
>> hold this back any longer.  It’s a significant step forward, and it puts
>> us in better shape to improve things incrementally.
>> WDYT?  Let me know if I made anything worse!  :)  If the altered patches
>> look good to you, I suggest you go ahead and push them.
> I still adressed some of Efraim's remarks, and pushed it to master just
> now.


> There are quite some ways to go from here:
> * Get the 'binary' importer upstreamable (I will continue with this)
> * Properly support cross-compilation of Node and Node-packages
>   I had a super quick look at this, but it seems that in building node,
>   you build intermediate tools that run on the host. Perhaps some our
>   x-compilation gurus can weigh in.
> * Make a Rome-based build system, once Rome does more than linting, to
>   help untangle the knot that is JavaScript-packaging

Sounds pretty exciting!

-- Tim

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