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[bug#47670] [PATCH 0/2] Add updater for packages hosted as SourceHut Git

From: Xinglu Chen
Subject: [bug#47670] [PATCH 0/2] Add updater for packages hosted as SourceHut Git repositories
Date: Fri, 09 Apr 2021 13:58:18 +0200

On Fri, Apr 09 2021, Léo Le Bouter via Guix-patches via wrote:

> Thanks a lot for working on this!!

You are welcome. :)

> I have a question, why do you name it specific to Sourcehut? It could
> also work for Github, Gitlab, Gitea or Gogs etc., e.g.

All the forges have different URL schemes so they would have to be
hardcoded somehow, e.g. SourceHut uses, Gitea probably uses
something else, etc..  Maybe we could just clone the repo, but that
would use more bandwidth, and it could get pretty slow for big

> Also I suggest adding a property to somehow specify what the version
> number format could be in tags, and also handling cases where format
> changes from version to version because upstream has not been
> consistent with naming. You can see for Hyperkitty they don't have the
> 'v' anymore starting 1.3.1, but I also have examples where version is
> separated by '_' and not '.', some times with prefix like:
> 'release_4_2_1', it would be nice to be able to specify those formats
> with e.g. regex and somehow also be able to handle inconsistency in
> upstream naming, maybe some heuristic to generically match version
> numbers separated by ANY character with any prefix or suffix?

Adding a property for the tag prefix and suffix, and a version separator
would be a good idea.  Right now it only supports "v" as a prefix and
"_", ".", and "-" as separators.

> Thank you!! :-D

Thank you for the feedback!

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