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[bug#47643] WIP-GNOME: gst-plugins-base

From: 宋文武
Subject: [bug#47643] WIP-GNOME: gst-plugins-base
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2021 18:35:02 +0800
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Leo Prikler <> writes:

> From: Raghav Gururajan <>
> * gnu/packages/gstreamer.scm (gst-plugins-base)[version]: Update to 1.18.4.
> [arguments](glib-or-gtk): New argument.
> [configure-flags](gl): Remove flag.
> [phases](pre-check): New phase.
> [native-inputs]: Add gettext-minimal, gsettings-desktop-schemas, perl
> and xorg-server-for-tests.
> [propagated-inputs]: Add glib-networking.
> [synopsis]: Fix indentation.

Hello, what 'glib-or-gtk? #t', glib-networking,
gsettings-desktop-schemas and perl are useful for?

Also I think it's better split this into 2 patches, one for update, one
for adding inputs. eg: (I also add some more inputs)

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What do you think, thanks!

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