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[bug#47180] [PATCH] gnu: racket: Don't inject store paths into Racket fi

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: [bug#47180] [PATCH] gnu: racket: Don't inject store paths into Racket files.
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2021 22:59:02 +0200
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Hi Philip,

Philip McGrath <> skribis:

> Apparently, during grafting, Guix can somehow mangle compiled
> Racket CS files (.zo) such that Racket will refuse to load them.
> (Maybe it has something to do with compression?)

If those files are compressed, and if a store file name survives despite
compression, then grafting can patch it, which could lead to checksum
mismatches or similar.

What error message does Racket produce?

> So, we stop patching Racket sources with absolute paths to store
> files (i.e. for foreign libraries to dlopen).
> Instead, we put them in a data file that doesn't get compiled or,
> in one case, embed it in C.

That solves the problem for Racket itself, but wouln’t Racket libraries
have the same issue?

Would it be an option to instead turn off compression and keep doing
things as usual?

Thanks for looking into it, and sorry for the delay!


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