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[bug#47608] adds emacs-lockstep

From: Nicolas Goaziou
Subject: [bug#47608] adds emacs-lockstep
Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2021 11:00:32 +0200
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rdes via Guix-patches via <> writes:

> The attached patch adds emacs-lockstep.

Thank you. Some comments follow.

> +(define-public emacs-lockstep
> +  (let ((commit "5fe78e94533c4a050d3fce23685040ac754c2e54"))

A comment should explain why we're using a commit hash instead of a tag.

> +    (package
> +      (name "emacs-lockstep")
> +      (version "0.1")

This is not the correct version. Actually, I couldn't find any reference
to a version at all in the file, so it should be "0", with a comment.

> +      (synopsis
> +       "Pair program in Emacs")

Nitpick: Pair programming in Emacs

> +      (description
> +       "Lockstep is a package for pair programming in Emacs.  It synchronizes
> +the windows and points of two or more Emacs frames, so that a team of
> +programmers can share an editing session.
> +
> +BE CAREFUL: any programmer in the session will be able to control the Emacs
> +process running as the user who started the Emacs server.")


  Be careful!  All programmers see the same buffers and live edits, and
  any programmer can take over the editing session.

> +      (license license:gpl3+))))

Unfortunately, I see no reference whatsoever to a license in the code
base. I don't think we can infer this is GPL3+. What makes you think so?

Nicolas Goaziou

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