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[bug#49338] [PATCH 0/8] Repo2docker packages

From: zimoun
Subject: [bug#49338] [PATCH 0/8] Repo2docker packages
Date: Sat, 03 Jul 2021 09:46:27 +0200
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Hi Hugo,

On Fri, 02 Jul 2021 at 16:58, Hugo Lecomte <> wrote:

> Here is a package for repo2docker and one for each of its dependencies
> that weren't on Guix yet.


> Hugo Lecomte (8):
>   gnu: Add python-escapism.
>   gnu: Add python-recommonmark.
>   gnu: Add python-pytest-datadir.
>   gnu: Add python-pytest-regressions.
>   gnu: Add python-jupyter-sphinx.
>   gnu: Add python-sphinxcontrib-autoprogram.
>   gnu: Add python-pydata-sphinx-theme.
>   gnu: Add repo2docker.

You sent only the cover-letter, I guess, and not all the 8 patches. :-)
Well, I do not find them.


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