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[bug#49199] [PATCH core-updates] add package-db to runhaskell (haskell-b

From: John Kehayias
Subject: [bug#49199] [PATCH core-updates] add package-db to runhaskell (haskell-build-system)
Date: Mon, 05 Jul 2021 16:17:38 +0000

Looks like you (and me) have run into several of these problems that could be 
revised with some fixes to haskell-build-system and the hackage importer. On 
#guix it was discussed having a branch to try out these changes and leverage 
the CI to see what breaks on making changes to the build system, ghc version, 

We'll need someone to create and let us push there, not sure who to ask or how 
to get started on that...

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