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[bug#49408] [PATCH core-updates 0/5] Update TeX Live to version 2021.3

From: Thiago Jung Bauermann
Subject: [bug#49408] [PATCH core-updates 0/5] Update TeX Live to version 2021.3
Date: Mon, 05 Jul 2021 21:42:57 -0300


Today I thought of a couple more tests I could do on these patches:

1. Ran `make check TESTS=”tests/texlive.scm”`.

Unexpectedly, this ran more tests, but the TeX Live one did pass. Some 
other tests failed. I looked at a few of the failures and they don’t seem 
related to TeX at all.

2. Built the Guix manual and checked en/guix.pdf and es/

Browsing through the PDFs, they look fine. The Spanish one does have the 
accented characters as expected. I also checked the build log and confirmed 
that TeX Live 2021 was used to generate them. I do see the following error 
messages in the pdfTeX output:

l.149: Unicode char @u8:å<8f><82> not defined for Texinfo

I tried building the manual using Guix master but I get a segmentation 
fault during the build process, so I can’t check whether the error message 
is also present in the current TeX Live version.


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