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[bug#46848] Questions regarding Python packaging

From: Lars-Dominik Braun
Subject: [bug#46848] Questions regarding Python packaging
Date: Tue, 6 Jul 2021 14:16:03 +0200

Hi again,

> No, try
>       git clone
>       cd pep517
>       pip wheel --use-pep517 -v .
> which has no and uses flit instead. pip can build it, because
> it supports PEP 517-based builds. As I said, if we decide to keep it
> bundled with our python package, there’s no good reason to choose
> pypa-build.
I now have a proof of concept for a pip-based python-build-system, see
1st patch. The changeset is quite small, but it does not handle testing
at all right now.

Note that alot of setuptools-based packages lack a dependency on
python-wheel (2nd patch; pardon the whitespace errors), which is
required when using pyproject.toml (and also declared there, but our
Python importer cannot read that file yet). But – as expected – that’s
really the only issue I’ve encountered while rebuilding alot of Python
packages so far.


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