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[bug#49445] [PATCH] gnu: add ocaml-bibtex2html

From: Ivan Gankevich
Subject: [bug#49445] [PATCH] gnu: add ocaml-bibtex2html
Date: Wed, 7 Jul 2021 10:12:54 +0300

Mh… we already have hevea as the "hevea" package (not "ocaml-hevea"), although 
at version 2.34. Would you like to send a patch that updates hevea instead?

Oops! I thought all ocaml packages start with “ocaml-”.

What does -1 mean? It won't me understood well by guix, so if there's a chace a 
-2 might exist, maybe we should make it .1 instead?

I’ve imported this package with “guix import opam”. This “-1” came from there.

I don't see -1 in the file namc, so maybe it's useless?

You’re right. There is no such version in git repo and source tarball. Removed 

+      `(#:tests? #f ;; tests require bibtex binary from texlive-bin
+                    ;; that pulls a lot of dependencies
fine, but that would only be a concern at build-time, right?

Added “texlive” as native dependency. Adding “texlive-bin” is not enough, since 
the tests
also need “pdflatex”.

Make this hevea instead :)


Otherwise looks good! Can you send a v2 with a patch to update hevea and a 
separate patch to add bibtex2html?

I’ve sent the two separate patches for “hevea” and “bibtex2html”. Thank you for 

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