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[bug#49025] [PATCH core-updates 00/37] Support cross-compilation with me

From: Mathieu Othacehe
Subject: [bug#49025] [PATCH core-updates 00/37] Support cross-compilation with meson
Date: Thu, 08 Jul 2021 15:07:31 +0200
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Hello Maxime,

> This is the same as v1 (v2 and v3 are the same as v1 but the sending
> was messed up), but with merge conflicts resolved. Also, one
> patch of v1 is already on core-updates, so it is dropped here.

It seems that some patches of this series are a bit outdated since:

- %build-inputs have been re-introduced when cross-compiling with

- Cross-compilation with GCC is in a much better shape since Ludo fix
  avalanche on core-updates.
Do you think you could send an updated series?



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