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[bug#49329] [PATCH 00/??] Improve Ren'py package

From: Chris Marusich
Subject: [bug#49329] [PATCH 00/??] Improve Ren'py package
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 2021 21:44:29 -0700
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Leo Prikler <> writes:

> * gnu/packages/game-development.scm (python-pygame-sdl2): New variable.
> Inherit package definition from previous python2-pygame-sdl2, with the
> following additions:

Actually, it inherits from python-pygame, right?

> [source]: Also drop “gen3” in snippet.
> [arguments]: Drop #:python.
> [native-inputs]: Use ‘python-cython’ instead of ‘python2-cython’.
> (python2-pygame-sdl2): Define in terms of python-pygame-sdl2.



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