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[bug#49383] [PATCH 00/21] Add hyperfine

From: Domagoj Stolfa
Subject: [bug#49383] [PATCH 00/21] Add hyperfine
Date: Sun, 11 Jul 2021 12:27:42 +0100

Hi Xinglu:

Thanks for taking the effort to look through everything!

Regarding the multiple versions, when I'd tried building with the same versions
of things already imported (e.g. hmac-0.11 and hmac-0.10) it didn't work.
Same is true for rust-geo-types. I'll investigate if maybe it was caused by
some oversight on my end and try to eleminate as many duplicates as possible.

> Ideally, the patches should be in the reverse order, so that the
> dependencies of ‘hyperfine’ gets added before ‘hyperfine’ itself gets
> added.


> A more general suggestion after reviewing the patches is to run ‘guix
> lint’ after adding new packages, it will often catch a lot of the
> common mistakes people make; don’t just rely on the importer to do
> everything.

Will do, I'd ran it for hyperfine itself and had an (in retrospect, a very
silly) assumption that it would lint the dependencies too.

Will update the patches based on your comments and send them in as soon as I
have something working with the updated patch set.

Thanks again!


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