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[bug#49339] [PATCH core-updates] gnu: mesa: Update to 21.1.4.

From: John Kehayias
Subject: [bug#49339] [PATCH core-updates] gnu: mesa: Update to 21.1.4.
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2021 15:42:48 +0000

Hi everyone,

Final update, we still need the mesa-skip-tests.patch, but only for the i686 
part (second half). The other part of the patch is not needed as the test 

Here is the final version of the patch to just update Mesa to 21.1.4. Note this 
depends on the libdrm update of Mesa builds 
as well as descendants I've tried (like xorg and friends).

Shall we get this merged and set the libglvnd updates after (in case we run 
into the core-updates freeze)? That would work well for me at least.

Thanks everyone,

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