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bug#40063: [PATCH 1/2] gnu: bitlbee-discord: Fix build failure

From: Maxim Cournoyer
Subject: bug#40063: [PATCH 1/2] gnu: bitlbee-discord: Fix build failure
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2021 09:05:45 -0400
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Christopher Baines <> writes:

> Leo Famulari <> writes:
>> On Sat, Mar 14, 2020 at 07:34:56PM +0000, Adrian Fullmer via Guix-patches 
>> via wrote:
>>> The latest stable version of bitlbee-discord is partially
>>> incompatible with discord as it exists now, so i upgraded to the
>>> latest git version which functions correctly.
>> Is there a link to any upstream bug reports about this?
> Not sure you got this previous email Adrian, but is this Bitlbee fix
> something you're still interested in getting merged?

I've merged the fix to the build failure as
a6a4d4b843e8fcf35009ca556d9ed25a700b52d5, and updated the package to
0.4.3 in e69e0c43f867f23127029fd6959534f6a130bcfe.  Let me know if
something still needs to be done!



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