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[bug#49649] [PATCH] gnu: Add regulatory.db in %base-firmware.

From: Brice Waegeneire
Subject: [bug#49649] [PATCH] gnu: Add regulatory.db in %base-firmware.
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2021 23:15:28 +0200

* gnu/system.scm (%base-firmware): Add 'wireless-regdb'.
 gnu/system.scm | 3 ++-
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

Following discussion at <>, tho there is
still an error about missing signature but now the kernel load the
regulatory.db without the help of userspace:

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
# dmesg | grep -E '(cfg80211|regulatory)'
[    6.282015] cfg80211: Loading compiled-in X.509 certificates for regulatory 
[    6.283766] cfg80211: Loaded X.509 cert 'sforshee: 00b28ddf47aef9cea7'
[    6.285927] platform regulatory.0: Direct firmware load for 
regulatory.db.p7s failed with error -2
[    6.285931] cfg80211: loaded regulatory.db is malformed or signature is 
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---

I'm wondering if it's worth removing 'crda' from the default udev rules.

diff --git a/gnu/system.scm b/gnu/system.scm
index a7c2b1bca4..8dc51b6ec8 100644
--- a/gnu/system.scm
+++ b/gnu/system.scm
@@ -751,7 +751,8 @@ of PROVENANCE-SERVICE-TYPE to its services."
 (define %base-firmware
   ;; Firmware usable by default.
   (list ath9k-htc-firmware
-        openfwwf-firmware))
+        openfwwf-firmware
+        wireless-regdb))
 (define %base-packages-utils
   ;; Default set of  utilities packages.

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