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bug#49517: [PATCH] gnu: txr: Build documentation and update to 265.

From: Guillaume Le Vaillant
Subject: bug#49517: [PATCH] gnu: txr: Build documentation and update to 265.
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2021 09:07:20 +0000

Paul A. Patience <> skribis:

> I've updated the first patch to fix this by setting GS_GENERATE_UUIDS
> to 0, which seems to be the standard Guix way to patch groff's use of
> Ghostscript.
> It removes most of the date (i.e., the hours, minutes and seconds) and
> the UUID, but leaves the year, month and day:
>   $ xxd 
> /gnu/store/h94iilsa2xsp2ymn3k9x3ckmvfjha731-txr-266/share/doc/txr-266/txr-manpage.pdf
>  | grep -C 1 Date
>   00231430: 702f 312e 302f 273e 3c78 6d70 3a4d 6f64  p/1.0/'><xmp:Mod
>   00231440: 6966 7944 6174 653e 3230 3231 2d30 372d  ifyDate>2021-07-
>   00231450: 3138 3c2f 786d 703a 4d6f 6469 6679 4461  18</xmp:ModifyDa
>   --
>   00231470: 6174 653e 3230 3231 2d30 372d 3138 3c2f  ate>2021-07-18</
>   00231480: 786d 703a 4372 6561 7465 4461 7465 3e0a  xmp:CreateDate>.
>   00231490: 3c78 6d70 3a43 7265 6174 6f72 546f 6f6c  <xmp:CreatorTool
> Is this acceptable?
> Otherwise we may have to resort to a variation of the method Kaz
> mentioned, though it's probably better to fix the Ghostscript patches
> implementing GS_GENERATE_UUIDS, because otherwise any package relying on
> groff to make PDFs will suffer from this very problem.

Hi Paul,

I pushed your patches as 75922458af60081bf6964006d5b9c180ff9ec8ca and
following with some modifications. I added a phase replacing the
hardcoded "/bin/sh" by the real path to bash in "/gnu/store/...", which
makes all the tests pass.
For now the PDF documentation still has the "ModifyDate" and
"CreateDate" fields. The fix for this is in the core-updates branch, so
when core-updates gets merged into master, the PDF should become

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