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[bug#49456] [PATCH] gnu: add environment-modules

From: Ivan Gankevich
Subject: [bug#49456] [PATCH] gnu: add environment-modules
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2021 15:46:47 +0300

+++ b/gnu/packages/parallel.scm

How about ‘package-management.scm’ instead?

You probably need to add a copyright line for you too.

Moved to ‘package-management.scm’, added copyright line.

+(define-public environment-modules
+  (package
+    (name "environment-modules")

Should the package name be “modules”, since that’s the name that
upstream seems to be using?

Renamed to “modules”.

+          (add-after 'configure 'patch-/bin/sh-in-tests
+            (lambda _
+              (for-each
+                (lambda (file)
+                  (substitute* file
+                    (("/bin/sh") (which "bash"))
+                    ;; For some reason "kvm" group cannot be resolved for
+                    ;; "nixbld" user. We remove "-n" switch here to not
+                    ;; resolve the groups at all.
+                    (("exec id -G -n -z") "exec id -G -z")
+                    (("exec id -G -n") "exec id -G")

Is this change made for tests?  In the build environment, the build user
is potentially in the “kvm” group if it exists, but indeed, /etc/group
lacks “kvm” (see nix/libstore/

Should a post-check phase reinstate ‘-n’?

This change is needed for tests only, main programme uses different

I have updated to the version 4.8.0 and unfortunately these changes no longer
work (developers replaced calls to “id” with Tcl extensions).  Now I disabled
tests that use group information.

Can we add all supplementary groups to /etc/groups? Not adding them to
/etc/group makes some shell commands return an error (“groups”, “id -G -n”).

+    (synopsis "Shell environment variables and aliases management")
+    (description "A tool that simplify shell initialization and lets users
+easily modify their environment during the session with modulefiles.")

Please write full sentences for the description.

Changed description.

Could you send an updated patch?

Bonus points if you can provide a commit log that follows our
conventions.  :-)

I’ve sent an updated patch in a separate email. Thank you for the corrections!

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