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[bug#38606] [WIP SMLnj 0/1] Add SMLnj.

From: Foo Chuan Wei
Subject: [bug#38606] [WIP SMLnj 0/1] Add SMLnj.
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 2021 21:40:58 +0000

> /Users/jhr/Work/smlnj/sml-legacy/base/system/smlnj/ 
> Error: link-time exception in library code 
> $smlnj/
>   SysErr: No such file or directory [noent]<exec.c>
> /tmp/guix-build-smlnj-110.99.2.drv-0/bin/sml: Fatal error -- Uncaught 
> exception Link with 0
>  raised at ../cm/compile/link.sml:357.28-357.35
> FAILURE: unpacking failed
> ./config/ !!! Installation of libraries and programs failed.
> command "./config/" "-default" "64" failed with status 1

The error above occurs because the build process uses nix-install.sml,
and nix-install.sml uses `OS.Process.system` (in the `unpack` function).
`OS.Process.system` relies on /bin/sh, but /bin/sh is not present in the
Guix build environment. "No such file or directory" presumably refers to
the absence of /bin/sh.

Unfortunately, the fix might require some binary patching. /bin/sh is
hardcoded in sml.boot.amd64-unix/SMLNJ-BASIS/.cm/amd64-unix/
(a binary file from boot.amd64-unix.tgz).

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