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[bug#56677] [PATCH 2/2 v2] environment: Add '--emulate-fhs'.

From: John Kehayias
Subject: [bug#56677] [PATCH 2/2 v2] environment: Add '--emulate-fhs'.
Date: Tue, 02 Aug 2022 14:27:10 +0000

Here is a tiny update to this patch; I noticed after I sent it originally that 
there was a formatting typo in the guix.texi changes. Update attached.

Has anyone had a chance to try out the patch or take a look at it?

I do use this in some daily work, for a project that uses Python's poetry shell 
and the Playwright libraries (uses browser binaries it downloads to do web 
automation). Here is the command I use, where since I need to use browsers in 
the container just getting the development inputs for ungoogled-chromium is a 
nice shortcut. The share/expose is to get all graphical/hardware acceleration 

~/path/to/guix-source/pre-inst-env guix shell -C -F -N poetry coreutils gcc:lib 
-D ungoogled-chromium --share=$HOME/temphome=$HOME --preserve='^DISPLAY$' 
--preserve='^XAUTHORITY$' --share=$XAUTHORITY -- "poetry shell"

All works great and is very handy for doing this on my Guix machine.

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