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[bug#56880] [PATCH] gnu: system: file-systems: Add shared flag.

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: [bug#56880] [PATCH] gnu: system: file-systems: Add shared flag.
Date: Wed, 03 Aug 2022 17:21:26 +0200
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Hi Oleg,

Oleg Pykhalov <> skribis:

> * gnu/build/file-systems.scm (mount-flags->bit-mask, mount-file-system):
> Handle shared flag.
> * gnu/system/file-systems.scm (invalid-file-system-flags): Add shared to known
> flags.
> * guix/build/syscalls.scm (MS_SHARED): New variable.
> (option-string->mount-flags): Handle shared flag.
> * doc/guix.texi (File Systems): Document shared flag.

LGTM, thanks!


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