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bug#56759: [PATCH 00/20] gnu: Add AnyStyle.

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: bug#56759: [PATCH 00/20] gnu: Add AnyStyle.
Date: Thu, 04 Aug 2022 11:57:19 +0200
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Philip McGrath <> skribis:

> This patch series adds AnyStyle, a Ruby library and command-line tool
> for parsing academic reference lists and bibliographies. (There as also
> an AGPL web application that runs at <>, but I
> haven't packaged that in this series.)

The tool looks quite impressive.

>   gnu: Add ruby-wapiti.
>   gnu: Add ruby-namae.
>   gnu: Add itex2mml.
>   gnu: Add ruby-ritex.
>   gnu: Add ruby-latex-decode.
>   gnu: Add ruby-link-header.
>   gnu: Add ruby-rdf.
>   gnu: Add ruby-rdf-vocab.
>   gnu: Add ruby-bibtex-ruby.
>   gnu: Add ruby-unicode-scripts.
>   gnu: Add ruby-citeproc.
>   gnu: Add ruby-edtf.
>   gnu: Add ruby-gli.
>   gnu: Add ruby-anystyle-data.
>   gnu: Add ruby-anystyle.
>   gnu: Add anystyle.
>   gnu: ruby-anystyle-data: Don't write to installed gem.
>   gnu: ruby-anystyle: Initialize dictionary files.
>   gnu: anystyle: Add tests for dictionary adapters.
>   gnu: anystyle: Use GDBM by default.

Applied, thanks!


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