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[bug#56989] [PATCH v2] gnu: bqn: Add bqn.scm and dbqn package.

From: Christopher Rodriguez
Subject: [bug#56989] [PATCH v2] gnu: bqn: Add bqn.scm and dbqn package.
Date: Fri, 05 Aug 2022 21:47:32 -0400
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Liliana Marie Prikler <> writes:

> You should let-bind revision and commit.  You should nt let-bind tag,
> version and hash.  Use git-version like (git-version "0.2.1" revision
> commit).

Copy that, I've implemented this change in the upcoming patch.

> That isn't really a good argument not to have tests though.  While
> package maintainers should check that dependant packages still build,
> having early failure for a broken package (courtesy of the check phase)
> goes a long way.

I agree with this.

I did check each test, and there were three failing in the cloned repo
on my local machineā€¦ Until I ran them inside the package build
environment, where they all passed 100%. I have run this with --check
--rounds=20 and have not seen a failure inside of the build environment,
so I will leave them enabled.

> Ah, yes, the infamous flip :)
> (cons* #:options your-options rest) ?

I've left these as (#:outputs (list outputs)), as that is less
characters than the above and I'm just passing in a single variable
(inside a list, as that is what the procedure is expecting) without any
(other) modifications.

> If there is no *variable* named "openjdk", I'd suggest using the lowest
> one that works.  If people are so inclined to use a newer jdk they can
> modify the package graph (which is easier than walking back to the
> earliest supported version), plus it's lower bootstrap for those of us
> building from source.

I've successfully built it using icedtea-8 (icedtea-7 failed), so I've
switched the patch over to that.


Christopher Rodriguez

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