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[bug#57043] [PATCH] gnu: rust-freetype-sys-0.13: Unbundle freetype2.

From: Jean Pierre De Jesus DIAZ
Subject: [bug#57043] [PATCH] gnu: rust-freetype-sys-0.13: Unbundle freetype2.
Date: Mon, 08 Aug 2022 14:37:00 +0000

>Anyway, this can be done more simple -- all that I needed to do was
>deleting the freetype2 subdirectory (in a snippet) and adding 'freetype'
>to inputs.  Patching the build script or was not necessary.

Thought that the pkg-config `if' block was for Android only, my mistake.

Probably influenced by the compilation error caused by not building
without the freetype2 directory, because `pkg-config' was not present.

>Additionally, I noticed that in the modified, only
>rustc-link-lib (-l) is set, but not rustc-link-search (-L).

>Antioxidant needs the latter to be set, otherwise dependents will fail
>to link because of not finding the freetype library.

This reminds me of also fixing `rust-bzip2-sys-0.1' in the future because
it also doesn't specify the linker search path because the default build
script was removed like I did in this case.


I don't know our stance on this though, or if there's a policy that
mandates removing compilation support for bundled code or to leave it as
is as long as the code compiles. I'd leave it as it though to make
maintenance easier and less modifications to the original source code.

Thanks for the review!

Jean-Pierre De Jesus DIAZ

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