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[bug#55891] [PATCH] gnu: Add iec16022

From: Remco van 't Veer
Subject: [bug#55891] [PATCH] gnu: Add iec16022
Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2022 09:57:38 +0200
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Hi Maxime,

Sorry for the late reply, I was out camping.

2022/07/31 01:48, Maxime Devos:

> On 01-07-2022 08:58, Remco van 't Veer wrote:
>> Is there anything else I can do to keep this ticket moving?  Bug about
>> unchecked IO is reported and discussion about unchecked malloc has
>> stalled.
> You could search for an alternative solution that is acceptable to
> upstream, or if upstream completely refuses bugfixes, add some patch
> to the Guix package definition.  Also, I have not yet seen a v2 for
> resolving the other (non-upstream-code) issues I noted.

The patches I did submit upstream were not accepted and I agree with the
arguments of the maintainer so I won't add these to this package

Also, I did make a v2 but forgot to cc you, sorry about that:

Also did a v3 because the copyright line was missing (and failed to cc
you again):

> Another method would be to help out with reviewing and fixing things
> (with other packages), this frees up time and is seen as a good act,
> hence making other people more inclined to help out with any remaining
> issues in your patches (including fixing issues such as those of the
> kind I have mentioned before, but also actually applying the patch and
> committing it).

That's a great tip and I will try and leap over my newby/shyness
feelings to get into that.  Getting feedback like yours has certainly
thought me a lot about what to look out for.  Thank you for your
feedback so far, also on the other patches I've submitted!

> You could also perform _all_ the checks in (guix)Submitting Patches
> (e.g., the bundling check, actually building it for other systems as
> well with QEMU, reproducibility check).

Just ran through them again and all seems to be fine.  I am not sure how
to prove I did.

>> Also note, this package is also being shipped by debian, archlinux,
>> fedora, and others.  Not that it matters but just to point out it's a
>> widely spread utility.
> I am not convinced by your implied method of persuasion by social
> pressure / argumentum ad populum. If it doesn't matter, why use it as
> an argument?

What I should have written is I am moving and application from
ubuntu/debian to guix and am missing this package.  We already use a
custom channel to make development possible but in doing to I was
tickled by (guix)Creating a Channel mentioning:

  Before publishing a channel, please consider contributing your package
  definitions to Guix proper (*note Contributing::).  Guix as a project
  is open to free software of all sorts, and packages in Guix proper are
  readily available to all Guix users and benefit from the project’s
  quality assurance process.


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