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[bug#48314] [PATCH v3] Install guix system on Raspberry Pi

From: phodina
Subject: [bug#48314] [PATCH v3] Install guix system on Raspberry Pi
Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2022 09:59:04 +0000

Hi Stefan!

> > I'll test it also on RPi3

I got it working also there. I do have RPi2 but I doubt it will run there as 
it's just not that powerful.

> > I just have question regarding the example if it wouldn't be better to 
> > prepare the whole image
> Yes, certainly. As you may know I started with Guix on void with an NFS root 
> file-system and patched Guix to get to this point, still on NFS. So I have no 
> experience yet to build an image.
> From what I saw in the code, I guess that more work needs to be done to 
> generate an image. My personal focus is to first get the patches merged.

Yes, the focus should be on mainlining these changes first.

> > IMHO having ISO image for Raspberry Pi 3,4 (aarch64) would be great as it 
> > would allow them to run Guix easily without need to build it on some other 
> > aarch64 machine or resort to crosscompile. What do you think?
> Yes, I totally agree. I also think that it could help to spread Guix. It 
> would be great to see something like e.g. Pi-hole in the future to be based 
> on Guix System.

I know there is some open source bootloader which is already packaged in Guix 
`raspi-arm64-chainloader`. Maybe this would be the way in the future :-)

Good luck


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