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[bug#57050] [RFC PATCH] gnu: racket-vm-cs: Avoid 'configure' bug with '-

From: Philip McGrath
Subject: [bug#57050] [RFC PATCH] gnu: racket-vm-cs: Avoid 'configure' bug with '--enable-racket'.
Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2022 02:12:04 -0400
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On Mon, Aug 15, 2022, at 1:47 AM, Philip McGrath wrote:
> Hi Thiago,
>> Nice! thanks for the quick fix. I tested guix-issue-57050-v2 and now
>> chez-scheme-for-racket-bootstrap-bootfiles builds successfully!
>> Unfortunately there's still a holdup: the install phase of racket-vm-cs-8.6
>> fails:
>> [...]
>> Apparently some part of the racket-vm-cs build system thinks that it's
>> cross-compiling when it's not. I'm still trying to figure out where this
>> “--cross-compiler” argument is being added but thought I'd provide an early
>> report.
> Thanks for trying this! I think I've found what's going wrong in the
> 'configure' script is going wrong, but I'm not sure yet what's the right way
> to fix it. In the meantime, I think the patch below on top of the
> guix-issue-57050-v2 tag should avoid triggering the bad assumption in the
> 'configure' script: could you give it a try? It's also at
> as the current tip of the 'zuo'
> branch, commit 64be5566c119d5b4ab83d5fb44d01aa1ecaed599.

P.S. If the patch doesn't work, it would be useful if you could save, from the 
"source/racket/build/cs/c/" directory relative to the build directory reported 
by `guix build --keep-failed`, you could send the files "Makefile", 
"cs_config.h", "config.status", and "config.log", which might have useful 
information for debugging.

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