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[bug#57181] [PATCH] gnu: maths: Add newer SAT solvers cryptominisat5 and

From: Maximilian Heisinger
Subject: [bug#57181] [PATCH] gnu: maths: Add newer SAT solvers cryptominisat5 and kissat
Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2022 12:50:30 +0200 (CEST)


sorry, doing the correct CC now.

> Recursive checkout doesn't really sound "mini".

Oh, there's some history behind the mini...  CryptoMiniSat adds some stuff 
commonly needed in cryptography to MiniSat, which is a common base for many 
other SAT solvers.  Kissat is "clean" mainly because it is a new solver that 
completely breaks with the old MiniSat codebase (and it cleans up some stuff, 
that was done in CaDiCaL, which I also intend to add later, as some features 
are still missing from Kissat).  And MiniSat itself was a nice and minimal 
implementation containing (back then) the state-of-the-art optimizations.

> could we try to make this a shared library?


Also updated the text and the commit messages :)

Best regards,

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