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[bug#57070] [PATCH] bootloader: extlinux: support for optional FDTDIR

From: Maxime Devos
Subject: [bug#57070] [PATCH] bootloader: extlinux: support for optional FDTDIR
Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2022 20:44:44 +0200
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On 16-08-2022 19:08, Reza Alizadeh Majd wrote:
Can FDTDIR be set automatically or unset automatically depending on
the hardware? That would reduce the required configuration
No, that's not possible. As I mentioned in the initial message, some
hardware may or may not require it depending on the kernel.

My question has a part 'depending on the hardware', so possibly the relevant code could check what the hardware is.  Likewise, the code could check the kernel version.  More generally, when something can be decided manually, it can often be detected automatically with some work.  I'm not seeing any impossibility here.

Also, again, why are you submitting this work-around when it appears to be simply a kernel bug that needs a kernel package to be updated and maybe a devicetree fix to be backported? As written in a previous response:

‘There is also no reliable way to guess if u-boot bootloader should load
device tree or not on a specific hardware. in addition, there are
hardware that can be booted with both firmware device tree on some
kernels and with special device tree on other (modified) kernels.’

If I'm guessing correctly, that sounds like the problem is that device tree information is missing from the kernel. Proposal: upstream the device tree information.


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